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About us - Association for Rural Development LAZ

Association for rural development LAZ has been active since 2004 and is involved mainly in activities to improve rural life and actively involve and connect rural population of all age groups through varied activities and projects thus promoting active citizenship. Association goal is to improve through rural development the quality of social and economical aspects of life of the habitants of the Jablaniška valley area. Activities of the LAZ NGO are very diverse from development of touristic programs, youth education programs, promotion of the cultural heritage and organization of workshops for rural population in order to raise awareness on different topics ( water resource management, ecology, agriculture, handcrafts). The activities are also aimed at different age groups and we are especially encouraging intergenerational transfer of knowledge and cooperation between the seniors and youngsters through different projects. The membership in organization is increasing and thus the volunteer input of the local population. The organization is trying to address different needs of local people therefore the range of the activities is growing form year to year. 
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Mojca Hauptman, president; +386 51 312 739

web site:
fb: drustvo laz